Bohème and Beethoven, Grand Rapids and Jacksonville

I’m at it again with the coat.  This time in Michigan, I believe another new state for me.  Actually, I have not only never sung there, but I think I have not yet even been to Michigan.  So this is a win for me professionally and personally!  A win for Michigan, no doubt.  😉  Boys and girls, the adventures and conquests of a wandering minstrel are boundless.

May 4th and 5th, I will be singing the role of Colline in the Opera Grand Rapids production of La Bohème.  I love doing this show and look forward to developing a relationship with this company as well as working with another cast of talented singers and crafty Bohemians.

After I’m done in Michigan, I fly home one day and fly out again the next, heading back to Jacksonville, FL, where I also sang Bohème earlier this year.  It was all around a fantastic experience working with the Jacksonville Symphony.  They are a wonderful sounding ensemble and conductor Fabio Mechetti is simply fantastic to work with.  So it is a great pleasure to return to work with them again.

This time, I will be singing my first Beethoven’s 9th, May 10-12, which I am very excited about.  As bass soloist, I have the distinct honor of introducing the famous tune of the Ode to Joy.  Very cool.


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  • Jim McCabe

    Which do you suggest? I can do Grand Rapids OR perhaps the 12th in Jacksonville but probably not both…. although I need to be in both places soon. Which one????

  • Well I am in Grand Rapids and work for Opera Grand Rapids- so I can’t even begin to claim be unbiased!
    But there are still some great seats available for the May 4 & 5 performances of LA BOHEME.

    But, I am guessing you will need a room, here is a link to a discount hotel & show package for next weekend.
    If you book a “Culture Pass” room you can use the Culture Pass May 4 or 5 for 50% off tickets at the DeVos Hall Box Office.

    We have assembled an amazing cast under the baton of Robert Lyall, and the direction of Matthew Lata, with the Grammy Nominated Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra.
    We hope to see you in Grand Rpaids

  • Somehow I didn’t see this comment until just now, Jim. Hmmmm. Anyway, that’s a tough call. Boheme is a great opera and Beethoven’s 9th is a great Symphony. I would usually choose the opera over the symphony, but it’s really up to you. Let me know if you wind up coming to one or the other.

  • Jim McCabe

    Hey, Matthew. Ok, thanks for replying. I will be aiming for Grand Rapids. My sister just totaled hercar and she is leaving for Hawaii on May 3. I’m supposed to watch her cats while she is gone. I have an old friend in Free Soil, MI I need to visit. Currently I’m in Pittsfield MA. Damn… only possible problem is if my sister needs a ride to work since she has no car. I will figure this out and let you know. I see Grand Rapids is charging $100 for an orchestra seat!! Damn. You better be getting paid accordingly!!!


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