La Calisto, by Francesco Cavalli

My latest adventure is as Giove, King of the Gods, in Francesco Cavalli’s La Calisto.  The performances are taking place in an outdoor courtyard of an old box factory, now home to an art gallery in what is billed as “Brooklyn’s Venice,” by the Gowanus Canal, and is produced by Vertical Player Repertory. Performances are July 8, 10, 14 and 16, all at 8PM.

Using this unusual space to the fullest, I make my descent from the heavens, the roof of the adjacent four-story building, via my chariot, the fire escape.  The initial mission is to help heal and save the world. But then I see a cute hunter girl with silly notions of virginal aspiration and, surprisingly enough, that changes my focus.  The expected convoluted operatic mayhem ensues. You can be sure I get the girl in the end, but there’s that whole snafu of my wife turning her into a bear. DOH!

The cast a fantastic group of singers the spanning range of voice types including two very fine countertenors.  We also have top notch band of musicians playing period instruments including harpsichord, theorbo, viola da gamba and two violins.

Click on the image above for the company website or here for ticket purchasing.  Tickets are $30.  Note that there is a rain date for each performance on the following day.


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