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What an interesting work life I lead!  You just never know what’s in store.  March was the great Brahms Requiem.  April was Séance on a Wet Afternoon, the new opera from Broadway great by Stephen Schwartz.  Meanwhile, I was contacted by Billy Aronson who is responsible for the original concept and some of the lyrics for the show RENT as well as many other interesting projects, to do the voice of The Cow in a pilot for an animated children’s show being done for PBS.  Did the recording the other day and it was such fun.  Also a really cool change from the usual opera/classical singing thing.  How awesome would it be if that got picked up and I had a regular-ish gig doing the cow for a kid’s show!??!  VERY!

(By the way, I am usually annoyed and puzzled by websites with landing pages that use flash or whatever else to delay you from getting to the info you’re actually looking for.  Billy, however, has by far the best and most affective use of this landing page thing that I have ever seen.  Check it out.)

So now I am in rehearsals for this weekend’s VOX Opera Lab, concert performances of new operas in development with orchestra, presented by New York City Opera.

I will be singing in two very different and interesting pieces.  This Saturday afternoon at 2:30 at NYU’s Skirball Center, I will bring to you the role of The Monster in a beautiful and poignant section from the opera Mary Shelley by composer Allan Jaffe and Librettist Deborah Atherton.  Believe it or not, I get to sing quite lyrical and enjoyable lines with a picturesque and thought provoking text.  No silly growling and grunting and such.

Then, on Sunday the 15th at 7:30PM, I am in De Deo by composer Paola Prestini and librettist Donna di Novelli.  I will be unleashing a dramatic tour-de-force, singing three roles in one as the Thug/Shephard/Jailer.  This will be taking place at the super hip and cozy club, Le Poisson Rouge.  This is a spot for the coolest of cats, so make sure your face is in the place!

So there it is.  I was inspired for the opening theme of this post by my schedule the other day when I recorded the cow voice for the PBS thing and then went to City Opera for VOX rehearsal to give voice to the Monster and then the Thug/Shephard/Jailer.  Very interesting work, indeed.  (That’s what I tell myself, at least, when I look at my bank account! ;-))


2 comments to VOX 2011 – NYCO

  • Matthew,

    Those pieces sound captivating. After learning how important the VOX showcase was to Seance, I vowed to attend the next one. So sorry to miss this chance to see your perform. Break a leg.

  • patti with an i

    A cow? What fun!

    Seriously, though, I wanted to alert you to the race that Symphony Silicon Valley is in to get enough Facebook votes to get a $500,000 grant from Chase Community Giving to expand arts education to every child in grades 3-6 throughout the Santa Clara Valley. Voting runs through Wednesday. I promise to ask Andrew to bring you back to do the cow live if we win! Just log on to Facebook, “like” Chase Community Giving, vote for us, and ask your legions of fans to do likewise. It will yield great things for tons of kids!

    Looking forward to working with you again sometime soon!

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