Brahms….Einfach schön.

What can I say?  Some gigs are just a great experience from start to finish.  When the organization treats you well and the rehearsals and performances are seamless AND you happen to be dealing with one of the greatest works by one of the greatest composers of all time, you are….as they say in the headlines of late….Winning!

We had three performances of the Brahms Requiem with the Silicon Valley Symphony for very engaged and appreciative audiences at the beautiful California Theater in San Jose.  Gregory Vajda led the big ensemble with soul, conviction and nuance.  Lisa Vroman sang simply beautifully in the soprano solo.  The chorus and orchestra came together powerfully to provide that broad and earthy wall of sound so crucial to this piece.  Your truly, bringing up the low end, did my best to sing with both passion and subtlety in the powerful baritone solo.  Thankfully, this reviewer enjoyed my contribution.  The review on whole is a bit confusing and, for my taste, a bit unfair and perhaps undereducated in some of the comments about the orchestra and chorus.  Nevertheless, I’ll gladly take the high praise he dished on me:

“Yet the performance improved when Curran started
singing in the third section (“Lord, make me to know
mine end”). Whether feeling inspired or challenged
by his bold delivery, the choir suddenly found a
strength that had been lacking. Unfortunately, it
lasted only through the end of Curran’s solo.
Elegantly and powerfully, the bass stole the
spotlight. When he sang “Lord, what do I wait for?
My hope is in thee,” the audience surely felt the
helplessness in that cry….

Curran’s return in the penultimate movement (“For
we have no permanent city, but we seek one to
come”) once again underscored his power to draw
more musicality from the whole ensemble.”


10 comments to Brahms….Einfach schön.

  • Emanuela Nikiforova

    It was great having you perform with us!Thanks for the nice words;come back soon!

  • The pleasure was mine, Emanuela. Nice to meet you and I do hope to be back there soon. Next time with some sunshine! 🙂

  • It was SO great to meet you, hear you sing, and experience this absolutely incredible work, Matthew! I do hope you return sometime soon!

    The reviewer was unfair to some (& erroneous as well) but he was quite right about you! What can one do? I say take the good and drop the bad! (But if you check the reviewer’s name on YouTube you can hear some mighty out of tune bassoon playing. 😉 Still, maybe he’ll eventually turn into a good reviewer. He’s a SJSU student so who knows?)

    So BRAVO to you … it was wonderful to hear you!

    Ever envious of a great human voice (singing is something you’d probably best not hear me do)-

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  • Emanuela Nikiforova

    You are missing some amazing weather now- missed it just by a day!:( So, coming back is a must! So long:)

  • patti with an i

    It was a treat to perform with you, Matthew (I’m SSV’s principal viola). I hope to hear much more of you in the future. Your voice is gorgeous. As a resident of the musical dark side myself, I do enjoy the low vocal registers. My own singing is strictly in the shower, though, with the exception of occasional chanting in synagogue. Bravo, and please come back and sing with us again!

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my site and leave a comment. Apologies for the delayed response. I’ve been running around quite a bit with not a lot of computer time since being out in CA.
    In any case, I can’t tell you how heartened I am to receive such warm, appreciative feedback, particularly from players in the orchestra. There’s always such a strange and subtle divide between instrumentalists and singers. So again, many thanks for your kind words. I do hope to be back singing with your orchestra sooner than later. From preliminary chat, it seems it just may happen! 🙂

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